Mastering Sales Posts That Convert Into Clients + Cash

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Organic marketing helped me go from $78k in revenue to $182k in revenue within two years.

I spend ZERO dollars on ads or any other type of social media marketing platform.

My revenue is the highest it’s ever been in 7 years of business and it’s all from organic marketing.  

Ditto for some of my clients who have multi-six and seven-figure businesses.

Currently, I have ZERO clients paying for FB ads yet they are making bank.

If your organic marketing isn’t working for you…stop wasting your precious time and leaving money on the table!

If you’re building a business AND juggling a family, another business, or anything else life throws at you…your content strategy needs to be on lockdown!  

When you sit down to write content…you can’t be wasting hours of time! 

When you write content…you need the exact tools to make a great sales post that will connect AND convert your potential customers.

You'll receive a playbook AND video outlining:

  • Why organic marketing is so powerful.
  • Why not ALL content is content marketing.
  • How to enjoy selling and see it as soulful and heart-centered.
  • I gave you two frameworks to use when crafting sales posts PLUS two examples of these.
  • You'll determine how you'll mix your sales posts in with your value posts.
  • Get clear on the process so you know sales posts go out on a regular basis.
  • Bonus: two things I like to remember when showing up online.
  • Feel free to keep coming back to this process!  I love stacking something on top of each other so use this playbook as you move forward.

Let’s get you the tools for a rock-solid sales post! 

I want this!

A downloaded pdf AND video to walk you through this process.

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Mastering Sales Posts That Convert Into Clients + Cash

0 ratings
I want this!